Company product quality and after-sales service commitment

Company product quality and after-sales service commitment

First, product quality commitment:

1. The quality of all manufactured products conforms to international, national, and industry standards and the company's corporate standards.

2. Due to the loss caused by the quality of the company's products, the company assumes full responsibility after being recognized by the state authority.

Second, after-sales service commitment:

1. The company's services:

1.1 Provide the best supply price. Will be supplied to your company at the best price to maximize profits. At the same time, our company can improve the existing product specifications according to customer needs.

1.2 Provide efficient delivery services. In order to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the supply, the production plan and logistics distribution process are improved to ensure timely delivery.

1.3 According to the cooperation status of the two parties, the customer department of our company is responsible for the follow-up and supply of the products, ensuring that the products are supplied on time, quality and quantity.

1.4 Tailor-made services for customers, making it easy and convenient for customers to handle their daily business. Whether by phone, fax or email, you can contact our professionals at the first time, no matter what. Where and when, we will be happy to provide you with efficient and efficient service.

1.4.2 Efficient and convenient - the full-time staff will answer the customer's inquiry in the first time, fully reflecting the professional division of labor and efficiency first.

1.4.3 Fully demonstrate professional technical support, make full use of the powerful functions of modern electronic communication technology, and provide comprehensive and efficient services through various communication media.

1.5 Both parties maintain daily close communication. The senior leaders of our company will maintain regular and irregular communication with your responsible person, which will directly promote the cooperation between the two parties. On the one hand, directly promote the sales of your products by obtaining the high recognition of users. On the other hand, our company can also increase your brand awareness with your increased market share.

1.6 Cooperate with you to conduct real-time monitoring of products on a regular basis to extend the cycle and reduce production costs.

2. Services for your users:

2.1 In-depth into your customer market, do a good job in product research and tracking, to facilitate product improvement and new product development.

2.2 Regular return visits, the most professional care is passed directly to the user.

2.3 The service department can provide the brake brake knowledge guide and use skills for the user at any time.

2.4 Users have any questions about the product, you can call our company, will solve the problem in the first time.

2.5 Regularly use knowledge training for relevant personnel.

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